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Back to the happy days when I started enjoying my own, home-made dev tool (Antegram for Java), I stopped using a doclet generator. I could bring up any API I’d created without hiding whatever I was currently working on. XCode simply isn’t designed to allow you to do that; Eclipse, for all the bells and whistles, isn’t much better.

In summary, for all I care auto-generated documentation is often little more than a way to browse APIs quickly when auto-completion doesn’t do the trick. I might end up writing a little utility to rip headers and signatures and put together something that fits that purpose better than a professional doc tool. In the meantime, I had a quick check on what we can already use.

I came across Doxygen – not for the first time. Even Apple seems to recommend it (check this link) and there is an in-depth tutorial at Duck Rowing

Two unpretentious doc generators you might want to check are nudoc and appledoc. Appledoc seems to be actively developed (v2.0 out January 2011)

I’ve just had a quick look at a few doclet generators for C++.

Here’s my list.

Additionally, you could check this list, from the Python Doc SIG (the list covers many doclet tools for several languages)

And finally, I also discovered, in passing, a quizzical, documentation oriented to programming ‘literate programming’  – this page provides an introduction.

The apple dev center feels like a foggy, non linear nebula of documents – not really convenient either to get a comprehensive overview of how stuff works, or to come back to something I viewed before.
Here’s a few pointers to the most useful resources I found - Hope this helps you too.
If you’re completely new to the game, you’ll need to setup for iPhone development. Read my article for getting Started in 24 hours or less.

Application Programming - covers generalities, UI and event handling, graphics and IO.

  • View Controller Programming Guide – explains how to use view controllers in the CocoaTouch MVC paradigm. Explains how to manage tabbed panes and navigation bars to create multi-page displays of information.
  • Core data frameworks and device services -  somehow,
    Getting started with data Management provides links to various data frameworks, as well as how to handle touch events, geo-location, the accelerometer and device orientation.
  • Coding How-Tos - Covers much useful stuff with a hands on approach, unfortunately, sample code isn’t always provided.

Networking - Getting Started With Networking & Internet links various
(low level/compatible/object etc…) APIs for networking.

  • Networking for Peer to Peer Gaming - The GameKit programming guide introduces P2P networking over bluetooth and voice chat.

Application Management

The following pointers relate to the process involved in getting your application to be distributed on the app store.

Non-Apple resources

There is definitely a few blogs and other websites out there definitely worth reading:


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