Back to the happy days when I started enjoying my own, home-made dev tool (Antegram for Java), I stopped using a doclet generator. I could bring up any API I’d created without hiding whatever I was currently working on. XCode simply isn’t designed to allow you to do that; Eclipse, for all the bells and whistles, isn’t much better.

In summary, for all I care auto-generated documentation is often little more than a way to browse APIs quickly when auto-completion doesn’t do the trick. I might end up writing a little utility to rip headers and signatures and put together something that fits that purpose better than a professional doc tool. In the meantime, I had a quick check on what we can already use.

I came across Doxygen – not for the first time. Even Apple seems to recommend it (check this link) and there is an in-depth tutorial at Duck Rowing

Two unpretentious doc generators you might want to check are nudoc and appledoc. Appledoc seems to be actively developed (v2.0 out January 2011)