Anime3D SFX is an independant, self funded gaming studio founded in October 2009. we produce high quality iOS games using OpenGL-ES Technology.


Antistar 3D: Rising, is a serial, realtime 3D adventure featuring an anonymous red haired teen and a cast of fairy tale creatures. Inspired from famous anime series, Antistar seduces thanks to its atmospheric music, unique visuals and wandering narrative.

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Make exciting games with a strong narrative component. We also think NPCs in video games are often a little dumb, so we are researching models to make NPCs more fun. Our lab will be producing digital toys and later we want to integrate this into our games.


Tea - Main contributor at Anime3D SFX. Software architect, 3D artist and game designer, I am interested in behavior modeling and NPR (non photorealistic rendering).
Favorite games: Katamari, Spirit, Vampire: Origins, Samurai: Way of the Warrior.

Karen - Play-testing and localization (China).
Favorite game: Sushi Cat


Anime 3D SFX is a label of OOgtech ┬ęT.E.A de Souza 2010